Sunday, March 11, 2012

Elvis, Mike or Duane?

Today is Mike's birthday and it's also Michelle's birthday.

Michelle posted this picture of the two of them on Facebook.

I said, "Oh, my!  That's the best Elvis-look photo

of Mike that I've seen!"


Jason said,

"Sorry. Not Elvis. That's Duane with dark hair."

What do YOU think?

I think maybe both!


  1. WOW!!!! Those two pics of Duane and Uncle Mike...I think I am with Jason on this one! Duane and Uncle Mike look so much alike!!

  2. Jason is right! Duane & Mike do look so much alike! How did you find a photo of Duane with the very same pose?

    1. That picture of Duane is my favorite. He usually had his hair much shorter than that, so it's probably the only one where you can see the resemblance so strikingly!